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I hate my job
I need a new job so bad. If one more work related thing pisses me off I am done. Today I was sleeping all great when about an hour ago work calls and it goes to voice mail. I check the message, and yet again someone has called out. I've been sick all week covering all the slack of all the people calling out. I was supposed to work 11-730 and come home take two quizzes and finish the rest of my homework. Bullshit. I called work back and told them that the only way that I will close is if the person who closes today takes my shift tomorrow (close is 3-1130 normally btw) because there is no fucking way I am closing tonight, going to school in the morning/afternoon tomorrow and closing again. FUCK NO. Or I work my regular shift today and when I go in the morning person leaves early and comes back at 730 to close. I am sick of being pushed around and working my ass off and getting nothing for it.


okay so work just called me back. stupid bitch who called out sick today won't pick up her phone, but the person who is there now talked to a lady who has off today said she would come in around 5 or 6 and close which is a o fucking k with me. this bitch called left early on Thursday and called out on Friday so yeah, she can pick up a few hours. Because tomorrow she is supposed to be my front end manager and she won't do shit like she normally does.

I forgot to mention I've been sick all week too and the construction going on in our store doesn't help with my sinuses at all.

I am going to try and get an extra hour of sleep now before I go in at 11.

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Well I really admit you pulling off school and work. I wouldn't be able to and would have quit this shit job long ago. :(

I hope things at the job get a bit better though and people stop trying to get you to cover for them.

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