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So last night I saw Star Trek. I’ve only seen one episode of Star Trek in my life and that was for Ethics in Pop Culture and Entertainment, and I never really gave it much thought after that.

When I found out that they were making a new movie I wasn’t too excited, but then I found out Zachary Quinto was playing Spock and I got kind of excited. Zachary Quinto is my favorite actor in Heroes, so that was pretty much my motivation to see Star Trek.

Then I started to see the trailers and read reviews and I started thinking, “I might actually like this.”

It was amazing. It had my attention the whole time. The story line was good. The music was good. The actors were great. It was not a disappointment. The graphics were amazing. Just everything rocked hard. I was on the edge of my seat during some points of the movie waiting to see what happened next. It was soooo good, I kinda want to see it again.

So even if you aren’t a Star Trek fan, go see it. You will enjoy it. It’s totally worth the $9.50

and I am also so stoked for the movies this summer.

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I've never seen an episode and always thought it looked lame, but the trailer made it look pretty cool! So I saw it yesterday with my sister and mom and loved it! It was very well done!

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