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yeah you make me merry, you make me very very happy
So I've got twenty minutes until my class starts and I really felt like typing but I don't know what about what. Not much is really going on in my life. Classes just started about three weeks and so far it's okay. My favorite so far is Food and Communication. Every week a group has to cook a dish for the class based on the readings that we have for that week. We had spaghetti, garlic bread, ceaser salad, and chocolate chip cookies for the theme of family dishes and it was really good. The rest are classes are okay so far, one is really good cause the professor is cute so upgrade! Work is work, I want a new job but can't really look for one right now because Winn Dixie is working so well with my schedule and fuck it's easy so why leave?

I got a haircut yesterday and I friggin love it. Haircuts are a wondeful thing, also dying your hair. It feels like you can start over new and fresh and be able to make things right. I got bangs, I am still getting used to them but I think it looks good. I feel really good. I'm trying to do more walking around campus and using the stairs instead of the elevators so I can't work on losing some weight. I need to try to start working out more and cut back on the soda that I love so dearly.

I'm turning 23 in a little over a month and that is a little scary. I don't even feel 22. Where the heck did time go?

I want to be done with school already, sorta. If I didn't have to work and go to school at the same time I probably wouldn't mind so much going to school. I want to lounge around all day and do nothing but what TV lately and read.

I love the sound of my typing, it's almost soothing.
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